Friday, August 13, 2010

TWHS Reviews Hayah Cosmetics

I had to put my game face on this past weekend. Not that I was engaging in battle; I was prepping for my first book expo. With promises of media outlets in attendance, I knew I had to be ready for my closeup...

Imagine my joy when the gracious founders of Hayah Cosmetics shipped me a container of their luxury mineral foundation; I knew my look would be Exquisite!

The natural mineral line is created for women of color. Hayah (which means I Am ) personifies the beauty reflected in the the richest of hues found amongst diverse ethnicities.

Made from authentic loose minerals that are free from harmful chemicals, dyes and fragrances, the line is the answer for women of color who have had to play mixologists to achieve the right shade of foundation. The luxury mineral foundation is available in two sizes: a full-size .09 lb jar and a medium 10g jar.

My skin tone is between the shades of "medium" and "dark", with mostly red undertones that I have never been able to match in major beauty lines. It actually is the hue of a new penny (try finding that shade in a bottle). And seeing that I stay as close to pure products as possible, I wanted nothing to overtake my appearance in terms of composition. I also don't wear a face full of makeup (all-natural and simple is my philosophy). So I enlisted the help of my Tweep @SillyHoliday to do the honors of my makeup.

Out of the ten shades (aptly named after adjectives often used to describe women), Hayah shipped me the shade Exquisite. Finally, the perfect match!

The first thing Sherifa noticed was how lightweight it was. I don't even remember her appying it (either that, or my mind was racing with the mental list of items I needed to check that I packed). There was no heavy feel, nor did I have to worry about any demarcation lines often left by liquid foundations. But more importantly, with the stifling heat here in Atlanta, the mineral foundation protects skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. And I didn't have to worry about my makeup melting!

The day was a flurry of setting up, interacting with book customers and braving the arctic A/C that had my nose running all day. Better my nose than my makeup, as Sherifa kept check that I did not have to do any "touchups" throughout the event.

I am a satisfied Hayah customer. And should reviews of the expo pop up of me, I hope that they glow as much as my flawless complexion did.


  1. You are exquisite! Your face looks flawless. I am a Hayah woman, too. I'm sensational!

  2. Thanks doll; it is an amazing product!