Saturday, May 8, 2010

Netweaving Is The New Networking

Meeting Best-Selling Author and Speaker Connie Glaser at The Carter Center was inspirational!

I was honored to receive an invitation to attend The Women's Leadership Event Thursday, sponsored by McKenna Long & Aldridge Attorneys at Law. Best-selling Author Connie Glaser was the featured speaker, and her presentation was before an audience of high-powered female attorneys and their clients.

The infectious camaraderie grew as Glaser asked us to do what we women do best: bond through ideas. Through her interactive discussion, we implemented ideas on overcoming adversity found in both male-dominated and gender-mixed workplaces.

One magic moment came when the phrase netweaving was birthed by an attendee, who defined it as organizing a meeting of two business associates via coffee or lunch to form a new business relationship. In the fashion of "paying it forward", one of those business associates introduces you to one of their business associates in the future.

I was able to speak with Glaser in a private, author-to-author moment. She is a leading expert on women’s leadership and has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Fox News and NBC Nightly News. She was recently named Businesswoman of the Year by Office Depot.

All guest were gifted with a signed copy of her book GenderTalk Works: 7 Steps for Cracking the Gender Code at Work, a valuable book for those dealing with office politics. Luckily for me, the blogosphere is a matriarchal society.

But it's good to have on hand in case I find myself climbing a corporate ladder in my 130mm heels.

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  1. Way to go Connie. Saw Ann Cramer today and she's a huge fan of my NetWeaving concept as well. Will you get involved in "NetWeaving - Pay It Forward Week" next year? .