Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Case of Emergency, Flexflop

24 hours from now, a stiletto stampede will be heard around the world as fashionistas show up in towering heels for the opening of SATC 2 movie. Private screenings, cocktail pre-parties and power shopping will spread faster than the coveted fashion trends in the movie.

I will begin my Sexed Up weekend officially on Thursday, getting my tresses coiffed followed by a matinee viewing, which begins the start of a highly-anticipated review of a Glamourous Girls Getaway that I will share on Monday...

Essentials that will be packed for my getaway are my LBFFs (little black Flexflops). The brainchild of shoe designer Stacey Kirsch, Flexflops are portable, foldable flip flops. Whether it's after a day of power climbing up the corporate ladder, an emergency pedi or painful pumps, Flexflops are only an unfold away.

Stacey was kind enough to ship from her new Bling Collection the black terry cloth carry case embellished with the affirmation most women will associate with-

Available in terry cloth, twill or fiber, the Flexflops come in a rainbow of colors. No matter what type of stiletto intellectual you are, affirmations run the gamut of Shoe Snob to bridal versions.

Never let an unexpected sole scenario leave you barefoot again! Can't wait to share with you why I will be toting mine this weekend ~~"

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  1. Genius! I'll be getting some for me and every stilletto-loving gal pal I have! Thanks for sharing :-)