Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Guide

She may be the mother who has everything, but she can never have enough table jewelry. Paul D. Harrie creates beauty from an intricate procedure that involves three separate colors of glass hand-blown into a ball.

In timeless bone canvas intermixed with patent detailing, this shopper tote will take her from a busy work week to a weekend brunch.

Simply Me, from the vinyl wall art company Trading Phrases $22.00-$32.00

We all know one: the everything-to-all wonder woman who leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Confirm her multi-titled life with this lovely statement. You can even customize it in her favorite color!

Belly Art $20.00

Perfect for the first-time mother, this belly casting kit is a great event to do at the baby shower. Have guests embellish with "motherly" tips and advice for a long-lasting momento!

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