Monday, March 15, 2010

WIN THIS: $3,000 Contest For Writers & Bloggers!

It's hard out here for a wordsmith.

The dwindling economy has drained the ink out of my standard fee for freelance writing, only to be replaced with shady Craigslist posts that require you to send "350-word articles on the subject" (translation: send me an article that I can steal). And their offers of pay equate to table scraps for my years of published work. I said I will write for food, never for crumbs...

Today marks a new day with the launch of, a plagiarism-free marketplace for writers to sell their content online without the fear of their work being stolen prior to receiving payment. Buyers can also review written content before buying, to ensure that the work is original.

The service is free for writers to post their written content. Once your article sells, there is a 30% fee (called a "success fee") that charges for processing the transaction with the buyer.

But here is the best news: whether you are a seasoned writer like me or a month-old blogger, you have a chance to win $3,000! How? Just blog about the contest and post your link; along with the cash, your winning cover story will be featured on the front page of Yup; plain and simple word-of-mouth enters you into the contest*.

But I also want to hear how you would spend the three grand. New shoes? Cruise? Post a comment below, and I might have a little incentive for you, too!

Don't worry; I will quote you on it.

*Contest ends 3/01/2011.


  1. Interesting idea for a site! I hope it takes off since it does seem that writers are plenty and cheap these days. It's tough out there to make a living!

  2. Such a great idea! I would definitely spend it all on shoes...! ;)

  3. Nice idea! I'll have to check the website out! As for me, I think it would need to use most of it for bills....(sigh) The stores are calling me, though!