Saturday, February 6, 2010

V-Day Gifts For the Shoe Lover

A Pair of Custom-designed Kate Heels From Atelier Shoes

For the shoe queen who walks to the beat of her own drum (and is inclined to hold court), the only gift that makes sense is an Atelier Shoes Gift Certificate. Just as she blazes her own trail, she can design her own pedestals from which to to view her subjects.

Atelier provides nine shoe styles and an online design studio as the "platform" to customize heels as unique as she is.

10Kisses, the ultimate "kiss for your soles" are reuseable gel insoles that can be used in either the heel area or a cushion at the ball of foot. Either way, they will make you LOVE wearing your fave pair of towering heels.

Comfort with a kiss! Available in clear (shown) or red.

Did you know Hush Puppies were named after the traditional fried southern cornballs because they were used to quiet "barking dogs" (the same term used for tired feet)? Better yet, they were fashioned to be the Mad Men's late 50s casual shoe du jour of the burbs?

These shoe facts and more are listed within the pages of this book, devoted to the top 50 shoe designs. Written by London's Design Museum, the world's leading museum devoted to contemporary design.

The book is for the shoe enthusiast who appreciates that the heels were alive way before Manolos.
Fifty Shoes That Changed the World

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