Thursday, January 21, 2010

WIN THIS: A Pair of Red Save Your Soles!

If you're a single lady, you know what holiday is about to bleed all over the place. And while I can't save your dignity after you place that DWD call to your ex on Valentines Night, the least I can do is help you save your sole...

Er, on your precious shoes, that is. Beginning today through February 8, Save Your Sole is giving one lucky reader of TWHS a chance to win a pair of their ingenious red sole replacements. Imported from Milan and made from Vibram (the leader in high performance soling products for outdoor, dress casual and service footwear), the rubber soles come in six different colors. They are to be professionally fitted by your shoe repairman on shoes up to size 42 (women's size 10).

The company will be launching their site on February 8, but you can order a set of red soles that perfectly match your Loubies NOW by clicking here. They ship next day ~~"

So here's how you get the chance to win: leave a comment and guess what my favorite candy is. Really. I actually do have other guilty pleasures besides shoes...


  1. Hi! I'm an avid fan of TWHS! I'm guessing your favorite is chocolate truffles? :)

  2. Am guessing red licorice!

  3. I love your soles, I think they are truly fabulous and a true shoe saver.
    I think your favourite candy would have to be Red Licorice. Like your soles it is long lasting, a fab colour, and takes forever to make a dent in it.

    Big Fashionista x x

  4. I bet your favorite is red hot cinnamon candy, right?

    Princess Ayo

  5. Interesting responses! I should mention that the FIRST responder with the right answer will win. And no, the correct answer has not been posted yet! ~~"

    Note: Please make sure you have a reachable link for me to notify you if you are the winner. I can't reach you if you're anonymous!

  6. Just trying to think what a tapeworm likes :-) maybe something a sweet. How about lemon Bon bons
    Like your blogs, they are sweet but with a kick

  7. I am guessing that your favourite would be Jelly Babies. @paulinepppp (Twitter)

  8. I think your favourite candy would be Skittles as they are lovely & bright like the colour of your soles xx

  9. im guess it would be jelly beans fruity colourful and a variety of flavours
    tracey1972 twitter

  10. Sherbert dip?
    I am Piperty on Twitter, following you.

  11. I'm going for Ferrero Rocher because:
    a) I love them lol
    b) They're so rich and posh, like how your red soles would make my shoes look!

    Katherine (@KatherineChu on twitter)

  12. get guessing ladies. i already own a few pairs of red sole shoes. good luck x

  13. Old fashioned Maryjanes?