Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Decor That's Reflective of Your Passion

Thigh High Boots Mirror From Mirrors Reflect

Mirror, mirror, on the wall-

Look what just came; my new shoes from Olivia Rose Tal...

Now you can reflect your love for heels with Mirrors Reflect, a stylish collection of lightweight mirrors made from shatterproof, acrylic safety mirror instead of glass. So whether your guilty pleasure is shoes, handbags, or makeup (as in a lipstick-stain mirror!), the selection of fashion mirrors will make a fashionista smile like she just landed a front row seat at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The generous folks there shipped me their High Heel Stiletto and Thigh High Boots for review. Talk about wall-to-wall shoes!

The fact that the mirrors come shipped with free adhesive pads alleviated my need to head to Home Depot for mirror hanging kits. I also don't have to worry about damaging my walls, as the adhesive pads are not permanent attachments, yet are strong enough to secure the mirrors. The company advises hanging the mirrors with permanent fixture residue in rooms with fluctuating temperatures or bathrooms (high humidity). And save your Windex for your windows; all that is needed to clean the mirrors is a soft cloth (dampened with warm water, should they become dirty).

Just in time for Valentines Day, Mirrors Reflect is offering a Buy One 50cm Shatterproof Mirror, Get One 15cm Shatterproof Mirror Free promotion! And if that's not enough incentive, they offer FREE shipping to the UK and Northern Ireland!

I am still deciding where to place my smaller 35cm thigh high boots mirror; its size does make it great to place near an entry way. But in less than three minutes, my 50cm High Heel Stiletto was strategicallly hung to capture my Well-Heeled Quote on the opposite wall.

Every time I glance into it, I will see what defines me.

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