Monday, January 18, 2010

Grab-And-Go, With Style

Faux Leather Laptop Case From Spoilt and Gorgeous

Thanks to my next-door-neighbor's forgotten pot on her stove, we recently had a near-fire in the early morning which woke me from a sound sleep. As talents go, I was blessed with an ultra-sensitive nose, which was alerted well before a smoke detector and ultimately spared my life and the lives of everyone in the building. Because I had the time to assess what was worthy of grabbing, without question my laptop and the order of books for an upcoming book signing were by my side as I waited outside for the cavalry.

Cloaked in my pajamas, boots and parka, my laptop was dressed for the freezing night air in a stylish laptop case, thanks to Spoilt and Gorgeous, the chic UK boutique that carries all things girly-girl. And while the laptop case's purpose is to protect and transport my laptop during travel and on my book signing appearances, it was just as effective protecting my laptop at 3AM.

Coated in a glossy patent of rich wine, the interior is made from a waterproof polyurethane memory foam. It accomodates laptops in sizes from 8.9" up to 15.4". It may be from the Runway Project Designer Bag and Purse collection, but it proved to to be the perfect getaway accessory for me.

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