Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zip Appeal: GOMAX Boot Review

When the company GOMAX contacted me to request a review of their footwear line, I couldn't see a reason to stop the Shoe Fairy from making an appearance. And although I was told to select a pair of my choice, I received an oblong surprise box containing the biker-chic style of their Barette 55 Moto-Chic Zipper Front Tall Boot. I guess it was a sign for this shoe snob to try something new...

The knee-high boot is constructed of textured man-made leather and adorned with a studded vamp and heel, and at the center of attention is a zipper running the entire front of the leg. Interesting, I thought, as I am one to keep it simple with detailing, allowing the color or design of a shoe to do the talking. But this boot definitely is a screamer. As in I stand out.

They were a study in style contrast for me, so I took them out of the box, standing them up for a couple of days to connect to a feeling of attraction. "So not my style," I would say as I passed them daily. But by day four, I tried them on with my skinny jeans, and was pleased to know I didn't have the uncomfortable side bulge I feel with my brown riding boots that's caused by the side zipper. Fitting true to size, the round toe was not at all a concern as with other shoes (which makes them run small). Being a slip-on boot also alleviates the "tight snags" I used to have with side-zipping fashion boots. Okay, so the in-house fit was doable, but now I wanted to put them to the test of comfort.

On a day of book marketing, I slid them on to visit book customers and run errands while enjoying a balmy fall day. The 3" heel is a pleasing enough height to wear without teetering, and at the end of the day, I had no discomfort at all.

Bottom line, I have grown in like with the Barette 55 Moto-Chic Zipper Front Tall Boot. And although I have no plans to hop on a motorcycle anytime soon, the boots are a darker, edgier way to step outside my chic shoebox.

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