Monday, December 14, 2009

A Writer's Life

The Writer Signature Tea from SALONTEA

Putting pen to paper is a ritual I have been doing for over 20 years. Now that I have evolved into a book author, my life has opened up a chapter that, even on a harried day, is worthy of another book on the adventures of marketing the book. In the midst of all the stumbles and trips as a self-published author (i.e. being forced to cancel a tea room and parlour book signing because of a delayed order of books), I keep my balance with daily drinks. But never the alcohol or caffeine choices; my potion is always in the form of herbal teas. In essence, my high is found in the form of heels and tea...

A Writer's Essentials: Moleskine notebook, pen and The Writer Signature Tea in a stylish mug from Spoilt and Gorgeous

The creative process of writing parallels with brewing tea, in the sense that neither can be rushed. That is why I was so excited when the gracious folks at Tracy Stern SALONTEA shipped me a tin of The Writer for review. It is an alluring infusion of Indian chai tea accentuated with cinnamon, cloves and cardamoman. It could not have been shipped at a better time; the beginning of my book tour.

Tracy Stern herself is a woman after my own heart; fashionable and cultured, Stern has a distinct eye for the finer things in life. It's written all over the pink-hued walls of her chic tea salon at 501 East 75th Street in New York. Stern has created an ambience steeped in the culture and fashion of a tea salon that offers a large assortment of the finest loose estate teas (along with freshly baked scones and pastries), serving afternoon tea to artistic New Yorkers.

The tea itself is definitely a richer taste than my daily red clover herbal tea. I sweetened with honey for my first cups; I will be sweetening with organic sugar tomorrow. The fact that chai embodies antioxidants and the spices to promote general health and well-being is enough to know that The Writer will be added to my daily ritual for the winter season. Let's face it; hot cocoa is so last year...

No matter what type of creative you know, the fashionable tins available in the signature tea collection make the perfect stocking stuffers for both health and fashion-conscious mavens. As for the quintessential shoe lover, don't forget to drop a Foot Tea Soak into her Christmas stocking!

Yes Virginia, I'll sip to that.

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