Thursday, December 31, 2009

Travelin' Shoes

A year ago today, I found myself reluctantly back in my hometown, unsure of what my next step would be. As I reflect back on the past 365 days, it has been nothing short of resilience.

This past year, I have birthed a book, laid to rest efforts of a thwarted suitor, wrapped my walls in words, climbed the walls in a horrific p/t gig, lost three years of blog content to malicious malware and found my place in a powerful sorority of virtual sisters-

All without the aid of a drink. Resolutions aside, I strive to learn from all of my experiences - good, bad or indifferent - in order to grow into the shoes I was fitted for.

Life-changing is my affirmation for 2010. To step out on faith, bigger and bolder than ever, is what I strive, thrive and live for. I do hope you walk with me during this continuous moment.

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