Friday, December 25, 2009

A Soleful Holiday Wish

Count it all joy.

On this Christmas Day, in the midst of record unemployment, family crisis and uncertain tomorrows, many may not see a means or reason to don our gay apparel. But the truth is we all need to don our spiritual armour in order to sustain in this life that has been given to us. While it's a little too easy and convenient to wallow in the headlines of strife, please join me in choosing the gift of gratitude. Be grateful that you were given another day to take steps towards dreams fulfilled, humility and selflessness.

It has been a year of growing pains personally, as I continue to grow in strength in the midst of storms. Growing into my core spirit has not been an overnight process; instead, each experience brings the foundation needed to rise to my destination.

I sincerely wish my readers, sponsors and sister bloggers the best that life has waiting in 2010. I thank you and appreciate all of the support I have received as I plant the seeds of literary expression.

When it comes to gift-giving, opt to give the gift of sincerity. Call to wish Happy Holidays to someone you haven't talked to in months (or years). Offer a dinner plate to the neighbor who doesn't speak in passing.

You just might end up being the Christmas miracle in someone's life today.

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