Monday, November 9, 2009

Wild About Comfort

Fall air does beastly things to my skin and comfort level. Like forcing me to add socks to my bedtime attire. Charcoal filters might be the answer to the appearance of dry skin and scalp during my shower, but daily duties of drafting manuscripts and computer work still leaves my feet out in the cold.

The generous folks at P.J. Salvage- the leading manufacturer of women's PJs and loungewear - shipped me a pair of their Into The Wild slipper boots for review.

Lined with a fleece interior, the red and brown plaid slippers have a faux-suede bow detailing, which gives them a fashionable touch. And it brings me joy in the fact that they go past my ankles, so I no longer have to add socks like I did with slip-on slippers. And as for warmth, they are comfort at its best! They're perfect for anyone who suffers from cold feet.

Mother Nature decided to give the northeast a break as of late; 70-degree temps are unheard of for November. But I know her mood swings; She can dump flurries and arctic air in a blink of an eye. As I stare out in amazement of Her work, it's good to know I'll be a step ahead of Her with my Into The Wild slipper boots.

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