Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hottest Holiday Gifts

Ladies, Do You Feel A Disconnection With Your Soles?

Yup, there's even an app for that...

my Shoebox is the shoe addict's own personal iPhone app. Just think; now you can have GPS tracking to see if your Atwoods are still at work, a digital bragging slideshow called ShoeFlow that's sure to cause instant shoe envy, or a wishlist e-mail blast to your private Santa (hint; Shoebox NY is having a sale).

Calling All Culinary Queens:

Because of their convenience and affordability, I have a long-standing relationship with my local supermarket's rotisserie chickens. Set in a brushed stainless steel, this vertical rotisserie makes for good tabletop jewelry. And it makes sense for my lifestyle; even at a comparison of weekly investments of store-roasted chickens, I can recoup the investment in less than seven months. And with an 8-pound capacity, I might even venture into some roasted turkey action.
Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie CVR1000 With Polder Quick Tip Thermometer

What Recession?

Finally; a pet that does not require walking, pooper scoopers or food...
Zhu Zhu pets may not be from an African village, but this little tribe of electronic hamsters are flying off the shelves and giving Elmo a run for his money. With projected holiday sales of $50,000,000, kids and parents are going gaga over Zhu Zhus. They're sure to cause the fur to fly on Black Friday, so I suggest you click below to get 2009's version of the Beanie Babies.
Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Pipsqueek - Yellow

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