Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gifts For the Fashionable Phenom

Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy

Please don't call her the "new Jackie O"; she's Mrs. O. As in the original Michelle Obama. Who else can don an off-the-rack floral dress with the right to bare arms, then put an unknown designer on the map (and lips) of fashionistas with the twirl of a first dance?

From tween princesses to your fave auntie, this is the perfect gift for women of all generations. Written by Mary Tomer, whose website began chronicling the first lady's wardrobe since September 2008, her fascination with Jackie O's iconic fashion sense evolved into tracking today's first lady's style.

The never-ending scarf that wraps you in shades of black, purple or teal, the Infinity Scarf never falls short of style.
Wrap yourself in juicy scarves, stylish jewelry, and chic bags from our Fashion Accessories Department!

After your professional eyebrow waxing, these handy stencils prohibit you from going overboard while maintaining your arches.
Anastasia Classic Stencils

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